Roof and deck structures at Perez Caldera Camp

Project Name

Roof and deck structures at Perez Caldera Camp

Customer Client

Anglo American Sur S.A.


Los Bronces Mining Camp

Quantity built

5.830 m2 Constructed Decks


Given the constant leaks that were happening in various buildings of the camp Perez Caldera, it was decided to replace the existing surface on the roofs of several buildings with new covers by a structure of trusses and metal plates type PV4/PV6.
Works considered the construction more than 5830 m2 of structures of roofs, mainly consisting of trusses in wood and the installation of metal covered, 15 buildings in the camp Perez Caldera of the Mina Los Bronces.
With this solution are improved comfort inside buildings to eliminate any filtration and therefore extends its useful life.