Modular Buildings Moving / Assembly



Montaje-campamentos-We are specialists in assembly and transfer of modular buildings in Chile

The modular construction offers many advantages. One of the most significant is the possibility of relocating the buildings or facilities – once used – to another project or area. Finished with the knowledge we have in construction with modular system, allow us to offer services where moved 100% of the facilities re-used, and in turn, also allow us to offer assembly of installations with new modular units. This can range from a installation isolated (office, choquera, building) to move a full camp. This work involves the following steps.




  Dismantling phase:



  • Disarmament of the building
  • Total removal of modular units and their foundations.
  • Total removal of the power point.
  • Removal of plant electrical generation and additional components (cage of hazardous substances, fuel pond and office).
  • Removal of the floor to TAS and the capping of the pool of accumulation.
  • Removal of the drinking water plant and its ponds.
  • Removal of everything is spot on: fences, railings, pergolas, signage, scales, cages of hazardous substances. 



    Assembly phase of re-used or new



  •  Layout and placement of foundations according to the layout given by the customer.
  • Assembly of all the modular units, recovered or new.
  • Indoor and outdoor terminations of modular buildings (with delivery of materials required).
  • Architecture and project documentation for the processing of permits.
  • Electrical project and SEC statement.
  • Electrical materials necessary for point according to new layout.
  • Civil works, installations, construction of pool of accumulation (movement of Earth and liners) and the start-up of plant TAS.
  • Civil works, erection and commissioning of power plant (l’estaque cage of hazardous substances, fuel and office).
  • Point and power supply of buildings from the power plant.
  • Urbanisations health, drinking water and fire network.

 Potential items to improve or overhaul facilities to move:



  • Repair parts and passages vinyl floors.
  • Placement of American sky in all the corridors of residential buildings.
  • Floodlighting PL type for all residential buildings halls.
  • Exterior and interior painting.
  • Remodeling stairs access of all buildings.
  • Construction of footpaths.



 Advantages of the recycling and transfer of modular facilities

  • Adds an additional value to the assets of the company without incurring great cost.

  • Low cost vs new installations, with virtually the same results if the facilities are re-used.

  • Faster execution times to execute projects with new installations.

  • This type of reuse and refurbishment works helps to improve the corporate image of the company.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.