Structural and architectural recovery of mining camps


Recuperación-campamentosMost of the Mining Camps in Chile due to its intense use and to the extreme conditions (strong winds, high index radiation UV, snow storms and constant changes of temperature) to which they are exhibited, deteriorate and lose the characteristics that they were possessing when they were installed originally. The suitable reshaping and mantención of these it allows to extend its useful life and to offer him to the people who them inhabits the continuity of a comfortable and lively place that he(she) allows them to rest and to relax in its free times in task. 
 As company we have focused on the renovation and maintenance of the miners in Chile camps, conducting in Minera Los Bronces of Anglo American and BHP Billiton’s Escondida mining, such as:


  • Remodelling of Casino/Dining rooms with new materials and colors that change an old dining area into a new and more worthy and welcoming space for food.
  • Transformation of old areas of recreation in new recreational spaces (such as Play rooms, Pub/Karaoke, cinemas and gyms)
  • Renovation of old buildings into new buildings with rooms and corridors more bright bedroom, along with new bathrooms both for direct staff and monitoring
  • Sealing and repair of the roofs of the buildings.To be subjected the roofs of buildings to extremes of UV radiation, rain, snow and wind they deteriorate with the passage of the years, and as a result end up causing leaks, deteriorating facilities and situations of inconvenience for users
  • Review, repair and change of lines of sewage and drinking water in buildings and developments. Many of the existing lines both indoors and outdoors of the buildings feature damage, cracks, strangulation and deterioration – product of the intense use and poor quality of water – requiring of an evaluation, maintenance and repair if necessary
  • Review and maintenance of fire detection systems Unfortunately (smart or standard) fire detection systems are often poorly operated, producing significant damage that prevents its correct operation, such as the activated in case of an accident. At ASAP we have staff with expertise in this critical task that ensures standardization and operation of these systems.