Urbanizaciones sanitarias y eléctricas


Sanitary Urbanizations


These works include stages of engineering, procurement, and implementation of projects with contain the following requirements:

  • Obras-SanitariasPotable water networks.
  • Sewerage networks.
  • Fire networks.
  • Networks and canalization of rain water.
  • Water catchment works.
  • Lifting plants.
  • Plants for wastewater treatment.
  • Water treatment plants.




Electric Works


Through strategic alliances, ASAP assemblies and engineering can develop a wide range of electrical services such as:

  • cables960Design of low and medium voltage electrical projects.
  • Electric panels in strength and control integration.
  • Electrical maintenance.
  • Study and design of grounding systems.
  • Installation of back-up generators.
  • Mounting of electrical sub-stations.
  • Installation of lightning rods
  • HI POT testing.
  • Resistance of electric contact.
  • Substations and transformers ratio, rigidity tests
  • Dielectric, insulation resistance, resistance of windings, etc.



In addition to providing electrical Assembly, where we can develop:


  • Eléctrico 2Mounting of strength and control boards
  • Installation of gensets and UPS
  • Installation of cable trays and ducts
  • Mounting of electrical rooms
  • Installation of variable frequency and soft splitters
  • Installation of indoor aerial and underground, feeders
  • Electrical maintenance service
  • HI POT testing.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.