New Mining Camp Perez Caldera – Los Bronces

Project Name

New Mining Camp – Los Bronces


Tecno Fast S.A


Los Bronces Mining Camp

Quantity built

2,400 m3 of land – 12,500 m2 of road improvement.


At the beginning of the second semester of the year 2018 we started for Tecno Fast and Angloamerican the construction and modular assembly of the mining camp with the highest wooden buildings in South America. 

For the construction of this new camp was due first to carry out the construction of an acoustic wall that separates the old camp of the project PDLB in 2 parts and thus could continue its use on one side while in the other one the existing buildings were dismantled And the new modular buildings were built on 6 floors.

The construction of the new camp I consider: 

  • More than 6,000 m3 of excavations and earth moving. 
  • Concreting of more than 1,400 M3 in in situ foundations and assembly of more than 140 prefabricated
  • Foundations of large tonnage given the loads of snow.
  • Modular assembly of more than 940 modular units that make up a total of 8 6-storey buildings, new
  • Exchange house and connecting corridors. 
  • 2 new buildings of laminated timber structure for the entrance hall to the camp and new gymnasium.

This project is currently running with personnel specializing in assemblies and terminations, together with a project management 100% committed to the safety of our staff, lead times and quality required by the customer.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.